Yerba Mate by Country

Yerba mate, a species of holly (Ilex paraguariensis) originating from South America, is the plant from which the smoky and herbal mate tea is made of. The green spiny leaves are harvested, dried and then processed. At first impression, the holly seems strange and mysterious - the taste of the mate tea obtained from it, is also different from what we are used to from herbal or fruit teas.

Especially in South America, mate tea has been a national drink for centuries, with beneficial effects and many rituals associated with it. Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay are not only exotic countries where the sun warms the skin and whose inhabitants have fire in their blood - these countries are known for exceptional taste.

Discover the widest Yerba mate product range in the market. From classic flavours to the most sophisticated ones. Yerba mate with aroma, herbs, toasted, with or without stems and organic varieties. Yerba mate is our philosophy. It is South America's pride, a flavour of our own. Come and have a look!

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